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The Winding Path Shaman - Krystien Hart


Krystien has been working with Spirit from the young age of 15. Having been pacticing Tarot for 6 years and energy healing for 4; he has become a highly intuitive therapist and guide who believes it is his purpose in life to help and guide others. He has studied many forms of psychic development, metaphysical principles and the fundamental structures of Old Magick and lightwork and is readily available to others who may need any support, guidance or mentoring in these interests. 


Krys focuses on the use of ESP - Extra Sensory Perception to help connect him with his Higher self and his animal spirits to better help guide and heal his clients. 


Therapies / Sessions he offers:


Tarot / Psychic Reading and Mediumship

Reiki / Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing



You can find his homepage "The Winding Path" here:










Find him on Facebook!



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