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Dr. Harold Saxton Burr


For over 30 years, Dr Harold Saxton Burr, Professor Emeritus

of Anatomy at Yale's School of Medicine, and his associates were able to measure electromagnetic fields of life - he called them L-fields - around living forms: humans, animals, trees, plants and even lower life forms.


...with relatively simple, specially designated voltmeters, he was able to detect and measure electrical changes indicative of many health problems and changes within the body. 



He saw energy shifts while wounds were healing and was even able to predict which seeds will produce stronger and healthier plants by measuring the electrical output of the seeds.


In Design for Destiny, a book partially documenting Dr. Burr's work, Edward Russell wrote that "... the L-field is the controlling, organising force of the living form - an electrical matrix which moulds living matter. It is also another illustration of the important fact that the field anticipates physical conditions." Energy Healers have been able to replicate that sensing of health problems for millennia, and without special equipment.



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