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Gemstone or Crystal Tonic $15


Physical conditions are manifestations of Energy Imbalances or Blockages they can also come from potentially destructive feelings, moods and thoughts. When the correct remedy is taken it encourages the body and mind to heal itself on all levels. My Crystal Tonics are made with a wide range of resources including Gemstones and Crystals and Colour vibration, these can be taken on their own or be a part of Energy Healing or Crystal Healing sessions. Essences like these are widely used in energetic medicine. I prepare those Individually, Fresh and Safely to Order.

How is Gemstone/Crystal Tonic made?

The essence is made by imparting the vibration or energy signature of the Crystal or Gem into water. As I make my Tonics Fresh there is no need to preserve the Essence, but occasionally brandy is used. I also do not believe in Diluting the remedy before sale. 

The ingredients therefore are typically just water; there is no active ingredient of the plant or gem in the essence. This is like a recording of music - no musical instruments are physically on a tape or CD just the vibration.


Who are the Crystal Tonics suitable for?

Crystal Tonics are suitable for anyone at any age and can even be used for plants and animals. 

Scientific tests have been done and have proven that seeds watered by Intentional Energy Water performed better than other seeds from the same pack watered with tap water.

Safety and Ingredients

The Tonics are gentle and safe for anyone to use but if you have any concerns about ingredients please discuss this with me and I'll do my best to provide you with an essence in an acceptable form or way of taking it. There are no artificial additives or colouring in the essences.

How can Essences help?

We all have different personality traits such as being fiery, shy, critical, pessimistic and so on. If any of these become dominant they can have a negative affect on us. We may also develop feelings over time such as restlessness or vulnerability. Additionally life may throw things at us which are difficult to deal with and we may feel overwhelmed, lose our self-confidence or feel guilty. This could be anything from bereavement to exam nerves, to feeling unable to help someone. Crystal Tonic can be matched with emotional-mental states or their physical manifestations such as particular health problems in order to redress these feelings. The Crystal Tonic will not mask or suppress the feelings but help resolve or counteract them by bringing out positive qualities.

How do you know what Crystal Tonic you need?

When you book for a Healing Session with me, we'll discuss your health, what you feel the problems are and I'll ask you questions about your lifestyle, general health, your outlook on life and so on. This will help me build an outline of your picture. Following I will ask you to change into white clothing and rest on the massage table. Upon return to the room I will measure your chakras with the Pendulum as in a Crystal Healing session and observe your Aura. I might try how your Energy Matrix responds to particular Crystals or Gemstones by placing them on your body and measuring the response with the pendulum. I will often refer to the Literature for particular Prescriptions. I can also use dowsing over stones or reference books. I'm usually fairly good at thinking out loud so that you do not feel removed from the process. Afterwards we decide on the Crystal Tonics that will be used, and I have them ready for you in about 3 days. You will receive your Tonic with a note on the discussed attributes and how they relate to you.

How long and how much?

The length of time, method of taking an essence and how often it is taken varies from person to person and the most suitable can be determined for you. Benefit is obtained from small regular doses, there is nothing to be gained by taking more - big is definitely not better in the case of Crystal Tonics! For example a 'typical' dosage could be 3 or 4 drops in water 2 or 4 times a day.

Extra bottles or essences that you choose yourself can also be bought when you see me for any other treatment session or ordered by phone or email with post and packing being charged at cost.


All the equipment used to make the remedies is sterilized and alcohol may be used as a preservative. The whole process is facilitated with the highest care and love.

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