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Energy Healing


Energy Blockages, Imbalances, Disturbed Energy Patterns even old Energy Scars can prevent your energy from flowing freely and efficiently. This can leave you stagnant and hold you back from achieving your full potential. Great job. Good health. True love. Just imagine being able to attain anything you desire.

Chakra Balance is a 30 or 50min appointment


Chakra Balance is a deep relaxation session with some lovely visualisations and affirmations, concentrating on opening and balancing main energy centres - a true soul reviving experience.



Energy Healing is a 50 or 90min appointment


Energy Healing is an investigation & repair session to locate any scars and energy blockages and patters in your entire aura that might be responsible for aches and pains, tightness, low energy and many health problems from minor coughs or head aches through sleep or digestive issues and into chronic or old injury problems.



Energy Healing / Cleansing is a 50 or 90min appointment


Energy Cleansing an investigation & repair session to locate any scars and energy blockages and patters in your entire aura that are related to your emotional happiness, love and compassion, personal expression, ego, confidence, internal processes, stress, security, anxiety, frustrating events, depression or ability to experience pleasure or fun.

Have you ever noticed that the types of people, problems or scenarios tend to repeat in your life? Perhaps it is a health concern that keeps coming back when you thought it was gone for good or maybe it is a habit that you just can't give up or certain situation in life that always ends the same way?


Scars on the Energy Matrix can prevent proper healing or cause residual pain when the physical condition had been long repaired. You might have heard of a person experiencing sensations in an amputated or removed body part.


That is because the Human Energy Field is sort of a blueprint for our body and mind. There are a number of techniques that we can use to help you become free from unwanted patterns and to remove or let go of scars and other attachments that prevent you from freely exploring your potential.

When you open your Energy Centres and they are balanced, the Energy is freely exchanged among the centres and the external world and efficiently distributed to areas where it is needed.  



It is a feeling of being unwrapped and reborn, cleansed and set free.

Only then we can objectively look at our self and meaningfully interact with others.

Chakra Balancing and Colour

Chakra balancing is an enlightening experience. I love having my chakras balanced and activated. I always feel so much more alive, vibrant and rejuvenated with each session. I always have to dispute everything until I try it first and having my chakras balanced has indeed been a conscious expanding gift.

What is a chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskit word which means, "wheel." The human body is said to include hundreds of concentrated and focused energy centers. There are seven major chakras (energy centers). Each chakra is similar to a wheel that is a spinning area of energy. These chakras are where we receive, transmit and process energy. This is very similar to the nervous system which receives and transmits information, but the chakras receive, transmit and process energy within our etheric body. The etheric body is atmospheric. Meaning it is the area surrounding our body.

7 chakras - 7 colors

The seven major chakras are connected to specific areas of our consciousness. They also have their own distinctive function and characteristic. Each chakra is related to an organ and to one of the seven colors on the color spectrum. We can remember the color spectrum by remembering, (Roy G. Biv) - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Open the windows!

We can relate the chakras to open windows into our consciousness. These windows allow our emotional, mental and spiritual energy to flow into our physical body. These openings allow our belief systems and attitudes to flow into our mind and body physical structure impacting our organs, tissues and cells.

I AM convinced!

I love chakra balancing and probably resonate with this form of holistic treatment because I believe these windows open into our subconscious. This is why I am convinced that prayer, affirmations, meditation, reflections and the spoken word are vital to incredible healthy living.

Enjoy learning about your 7 chakras and remember to take care of yourself. see: 



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