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Psychic readings


Psychic readings can take many forms and require the use of multiple practices, but the most common practice used by Energy Healer is in form of natural knowing and channelling your spiritual guides as well as the use of Pendulum and Crystals.


Pendulum is a finely tunned instrument that works via subconscious knowing or via opening an energy channel not much different than the satellite telephone call.


Crystals you choose tell the Energy Healer the story of where you are and where you have come from. Crystals also highlight the areas of concern regarding your physical, emotional and spiritual health.


We also have specialists that are highly skilled in use of Oracle cards. 


We often receive an intuitive insight ion to past and future events including if certain relationships, professional engagements were, are or will be happy and fulfilling.

Find answers with our naturally gifted psychics and healers in Canberra



Psychic Counselling


Studies have been conducted by reputable institutions such as Cambridge University in the UK regarding paranormal phenomena, with conclusions that may surprise even the most sceptical. Whether it is an uncanny subconscious ability to read and process information to predict events or the actual possession of extrasensory perception, those who connect to superconsciousness have a unique skill and talent.

At Energy Healer, we take pride in providing professional services using our unique skills. We take our work seriously and tend toward more clinical approaches because we care about achieving results for our clients.



Not feeling quite right about a relationship or looking for a soul mate? Energy Healer will provide you with clear guidance, including potential outcomes, time frames, names and locations, and clear any blocked chakras you may have so that you can attract relationship harmony.


Do you have money problems, need clarity around whether you are likely to make money from a business, or even whether to buy and sell that house? Energy Healer will provide you with insight into what spirit suggests you do so you can make smarter more empowered decisions.


Not happy with your job, want to start a business, get a promotion, or simply need a change in direction? Energy Healer can help you get some clarity around the choices available to you now and what is ahead of you, with time frames, locations, and job prospects.


Need insight into the state of your health? Energy Healer will conduct an energetic scan of your body to see whether there are issues that can be detected, and work with spirit, crystals, colours and energy (chi) to identify possible solutions and carry out necessary healing.


Your Future is NOT set in Stone


           Foresight is a better placed hindsight. (Paula Brooks) 

Whether it's love, health or carrier,

knowing what's ahead

gives you the power to change it.


Do you want to know your future?

...what are your options? your relationship taking you where you desire?


Are you worried about your work... children... or parents...

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