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We have MOVED our Clinic...



As of 1st of May 2018 you can visit us at our new location in Flynn



You will receive the address to our new ENERGY HEALER Wellness Clinic treatment room upon booking.


Ample free parking available in this residential location.


Please make yourself comfortable in the courtyard and wait until called in for your session. Please do not knock as another session is likely to be in progress.

There are 4 steps up into the treatment room and there is no lift access.


Home, hospice, hospital, etc. visits are available on request.


My Business and Passion


I specialise in Regression Therapy conducted in deeply relaxed state allowing you to reach into your subconscious mind for Age Regression or Past Life Regression or Life in Between... I just open the door and you decide where to take me...


I also love Energy Massage which is a form of Healing Touch. It is a non-invasive method of removing Blockages and Scars from your Energy Matrix, balancing the Subtle Bodies and Energy Centres called Chakras. This modality has fantastic results on your ability to self-heal, to reduce stress and anxiety and maintain emotional balance.  


The healing modalities I currently practice include Regression and Hypnotherapy, Crystal Ray Therapy, Energy Healing, Psychic Counselling and Palmistry.


I am continually furthering my studies and deepening my knowledge by working with and reading books by some of the best teachers in the field. Understanding of the process of healing, happiness and wellbeing is an ever evolving science with still much to discover. I do hold a current Working With Vulnerable People Card.


Natural Gift or a Taught Skill

Definitely a natural gift. Already as a young child I had 'unexplained' abilities. I intuitively gathered random stones and cherished them, carried in my pockets or placed around my bedroom. My mum noticed early on that I played with Y shaped branches and they 'moved' in my hands. Actually, experimenting with a Y wand become a bit of a party trick. Mums friends would have a go and then I would walk and dowse for underground veins and energy pools - no idea if or how I could have known what it was that I was finding. 


Once I started school I began to notice that not everyone perceived the world in the same way as me. Eventually I got used to just 'knowing' things and for some years I stopped questioning why or how. Of course that was until I became a teen. Teenage years were colourful and definitely not boring. As a younger teen I did not fit between any lines, I was a rebellious, a lone wolf and I felt that no one will ever understand me - that is pretty standard for many teenagers but additionally I could see people outside of their bodies (now I know that it was their aura), I could feel the air and rocks (the energy field), I saw wired colour reflections, I felt peoples' emotions, I answered questions that have not been asked yet and I insisted that I did hear the teacher ask. I dreamed my own car accident about 6 months prior, fortunately a friend I told about it did recall the conversation. I had more questions than I could count! This led me through a lot of hours at the library and a lot of discoveries. I also finally questioned my family.


So there; I knew I was Psychic. I still did not know I perceived Energy thou, but I found my place in the world. I was no longer a freak of nature, I had a great group of friends and attained tertiary education. Like a good young adult that I was I packed my stones away and went into the world to get a 'real' job, make investments, find a husband, buy a house and have children, get sick, get divorced, loose investments, get more sick, loose a job, struggle to keep the house, call on trusty mum for help, manage to keep it all together and grow into new potential, discover new ways of managing health, get new education and finally decide to share this knowledge and skill with others that might need it.

My family

My parents separated when I was four years old. Many years later I have learned that this is a gift carried through on my father's family side. Now I am a proud and happy mother of two. It is actually a little funny seeing how my younger daughter who is ten now, is following with similar behaviours. When she was four she found a rock (about the size of adults open hand) brought it home, washed it and placed under her pillow. Each time her linen was changed the rock was set aside on a shelf; and each time my little girl put the rock back under her pillow. This kept on going for a couple of years. She carries rocks and crystals to school and her ankle is full of anklets skilfully hides from teachers' view. Like mother, like daughter. Some of the health challenges my older daughter faces are responding better to complimentary holistic medicine then the traditional medical approach. She has become interested in her psychic abilities and swallows all books on topic. She collects feathers and stones and burns incenses proudly following her unique artful path. Both girls have insisted that I guide them into regressions and love the experience. It helped them understand their irrational fears and innate compulsions - and of course it helped me to parent them better, knowing of an accident on a collapsing bridge or life in slavery. 

(I do not typically offer regression services to children.)

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