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Recognized as one of the world's ten foremost parapsychologists by UNESCO in 1974.




There is scientific evidence of the 

existence of chakras?

Upon developing a Chakra instrument 

designed to detect minute electrical, 

magnetic and optical changes in the 

environment of a person, Dr. 

Motoyama conducted a scientific 

experiment on a normal person, and a 

yoga practitioner with experience in 

Chakra Healing.

After monitoring the centers of his test 

subjects' stomach and heart, he found 

that the heart center of the yoga 

practitioner showed a considerable 

intensification of measurable activity 

during periods of concentration. 

This difference corresponded to the 

subject's regular spiritual practice. 

When working with another similar 

subject, he also found that the 

increased activity of the heart chakra 

was s u f f i c i e n t  to produce a 

measurable effect which was detected 

by his instrument's photo-electric cell.

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