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Phoebe Soebagyo - Holistic Health Practitioner 



Phoebe has always been curious about our shared world, particularly how our interactions with others and our environment impact on our self, our mind and our body.


As a sensitive child from a large family, from an early age Phoebe observed how much information one can gain from non-verbal cues of communication, intuitively attuning to perceive others: their feelings, emotions, motives, as well as the effects of different people’s and places’ energies.  Through training and study, Phoebe has fine-tuned these Empathic innate abilities and now channels it into the therapies she offers.


Phoebe’s curiosity of the human body, and it’s myriad of processes, led her to study a Bachelor of Medical Science at UNSW, where she specialised in Anatomy and Neuroscience and gained a sound theoretical foundation of the body and its inner workings.  Her interests in the power of the brain, consciousness and the mind-body relationship led her to further study: a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Research in Neuroscience, at the University of Rovira i Virgili in Spain. 


Through these studies, Phoebe has gained valuable experience working within the conventional framework of Western allopathic medicine: working in a pathology diagnostic laboratory, a hospital, within corporate psychology and in experimental neuroscience research.


Phoebe’s passion for health, people and humanity has also led to extensive world travels.  Over the last 10 years, Phoebe has lived, studied, worked, volunteered and travelled abroad in many countries.  She has immersed herself in different cultures to learn more about human interactions, differing belief systems, healing systems and other ways of life.  She has gained practical insight and experience in various health settings abroad: volunteering in public and private medical clinics, working alongside traditional medicine men and gurus in local clinics, attending workshops and completing short courses in Ayurveda-traditional Indian medicine, Indonesian & Mexican natural medicine.  In addition she has studied Yoga teaching (200 hour RYT training completed in Rishikesh, India) and Traditional Massage (Indian and Indonesian).


Having practical experience in both conventional western medicine and more alternative, holistic approaches, Phoebe recognises how both paradigms have their place and supports their integration.  She views health to be a unified holistic balance of mind, physical body and spirit (the vital energy life force) - a ‘whole’ that is often overlooked in allopathic medicine.  She recognises that the body has its own intelligence and mechanisms to self heal and to counteract any imbalance (‘disease’) of mind, body and spirit.  These mechanisms need to be embraced, and facilitated when needed, by various non-invasive, subtle and natural means.


Phoebe has dedicated herself to learning different Holistic approaches to facilitate our body’s own intelligence in healing such as: Reiki, Massage, Yoga and Hypnotherapy.  She is currently enrolled in a Double Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy (specialising in Homeopathy) and Ayurvedic – Traditional Indian Medicine at The Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (AIHM), and completing her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at Om Shanti College to further consolidate her massage training and experience.



Therapies / Sessions offered:


Deep Relaxation

Swedish Body Massage

Traditional Balinese Massage

Traditional Indian – Ayurvedic Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Seated Massage - suitable for the elderly


Reiki Energetic Healing

Chakra balancing

Chakra readings

Pendulum Work



Breaking Bad Habits


Basic Ayurvedic Consultation: Determining Constitution (Prakriti) and Lifestyles most suited for that constitution






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