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Therapies / Sessions Jacqui offers:


Angelic Reiki

Kundalini Reiki

Psychic Healing


Single Attunements:


- Mystical Blank Panther attunement

- Amethyst Essence attunement

- Raising Lights of Petra attunement

- The Soul Relationship Empowerment


Time To Heal


are three words that will have a different meaning for people, at different times of their lives.

I have had…………Time To Heal…………and this journey, with its twists and turns, presents us with lessons we continually learn from, to heal, is to learn.

Some of us believe, that it is now Time To Heal our world.

There are many who are seeking peace and love in their lives and are awakening if you will, to an intuitive part of their being that has been dormant, unused…….until now. Many feel it is time to embrace, age old methods of healing, for the physical body as well as our etheric body (energy body). The spiritually aware, are offering light to those in darkness, healing to those in pain, and love to those who are loveless.



Support I Offer

I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Medium located in Canberra Australia and available via phone, email, and in person to do your readings. I offer Reiki and Single Attunements as well as Spiritual Support and regular Workshop Events.


You can find her homepage "Jacqui Cooper Healing" here:

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