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Energy Healing can be referred to as Healing Touch, Energy Massage, Reiki, Biofield Therapy


Scars on the Energy Matrix can be responsible for many health problems, physical, mental or emotional, they may prevent proper healing or cause residual pain when the physical condition had been long repaired.


You might be familiar with instances where a person is experiencing sensations in an amputated or removed body part. Once referred to as 'phantom arm or leg' is now recognised as a very real feeling or pain originated from the Energy Matrix. Human Energy Field is sort of a blueprint for our body and mind. 


Many strong experiences can cause changes in our Energy Matrix. During my practice I have seen endless examples where exposure to violence, fear, bullying, abuse, lack of being validated in our formative years or feelings of being unloved, unwanted, not accepted by our family or community have caused very real changes. Australian Defence Department on their website, referrers to Trauma as causing “Dents in the Soul” of our frontline personnel.  Many of whom find relief in the gentle approach of Energy Healing.

Help is here


At Energy Healer we use a variety of techniques to help you become free from the dents in your soul, stale energy, knots, unwanted patterns and to remove or let go of scars and other attachments that prevent you from freely exploring your potential.


Energy Healer offers you access to a number of healers proficient in modalities to suit your individual needs.


It is a non-invasive method of removing Blockages and Scars from your Energy Matrix. Energy Massage is not only Deeply Relaxing it also has fantastic results on your ability to self-heal, to reduce stress and anxiety and maintain emotional balance.


As you enter a deeply relaxed state you gain access to your subconscious for extreamly valuable assistance is clearing the areas of concern.

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