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Meditation Groups for Children, Teens, Babies and Adults

So you wish to unlock your busy or negative mind?  Alter your view of the world.  Teach your brain to see something beautiful every day.  Learn techniques that will help you through the day.  Fall in love with yourself and the world.  Feel happier, healthier, stronger and better.

Dance Meditation Class, energetic class that will raise your heart rate and loosen you body after a full day. Guided by our experienced practitioner you will energise your Body, Mind and Soul while you learn to open and balance the 7 Chakras of your energy system.


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:



This is a free expression class focusing on body movement and breath.



Relaxing Guided Meditation Adults


You will be guided by an experienced practitioner to use your breath and imaginary to achieve the desired state of blissful relaxation and self discovery. 


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:

Tuesday 12:30pm - 1:30pm 

Thursday 6pm - 7:15pm 


This gentle class is sure to relax and help us put things in perspective. 

It is a sitting meditation and is suitable for begginers and more advanced Meditatiors alike.


Investment $donation per Class

Teen Meditation Group 13+ year olds

Classes are a combination of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:

Monday 4:45pm - 5:45pm

 Investment $20 per Class

Children Meditation Group 5-12 year old


Primary School Children

Classes are a combination of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:

Monday 3:40pm - 4:40pm

For Young Mediators classes include a mixture of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. To the soft sounds we talk about kindness, love and how we like all people.

- Each week we explore a topic - mostly kindness, acceptance and self reflection related we are also addressing issues raised by children or parents.

- Every class includes stationary meditation (some children do fall asleep).

Classes include many activities such as playing with singing bowls, drums, crystals, feathers & water.

- We often move our bodies or draw images we received during quiet meditation.

- We learn to respect each other, respect the space, respect the process and respect the Spirit.


 Investment $20 per Class


Benefits of Meditation within 1 year:

@Reduces pain, physical tension & enhances body’s immune system.

@Reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, anger & confusion. @Recommended for PTSD.

@Increases blow flow & slows the heart rate.

@Provides sense of calm, peace & balance.

@Helps reverse heart disease.

@Helps control thoughts.

@Increases energy.

@Reduces stress.

@Improves focus, memory & concentration.

@many more...

Play Group


Spiritual Bumps, Bubs, Toddlers & Youngsters with Mum or Dad...

A perfect time for you and your little ones to get together and meet Spiritual friends. We will introduce Bubs to Meditation and take time out for Mums and Dads. 

Each week we will choose a different topic for discovery... from sex during pregnancy & natural delivery through night feeds & co-sleeping to grand-parents, daycare & schools. Most of all: how to have HAPPY CHILDREN?


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:

Expressions of Interest


This is a very relaxed group, but please remember your children are your responsibility. Respect each other, respect the space, respect the process, respect the Spirit.      Investment $20 per Class

Spiritual Development


Workshop style teaching discussion to further your knowledge. Our experienced practitioner guides you to connect to your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Guardians, Angels and the Univese, the Cosmos, the Devine and help you find your peace and inner gifts


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:

forthnightly Saturday 11am - 1pm TAKING ENROLMENTS NOW


This gentle meeting includes a more Advanced Meditation and is sure to relax, inform, grow and help us put things in perspective.


Investment   $50 per Workshop

Movement Meditation


You will be guided by an experienced practitioner. We use our bodies to calm our minds and direct them on the set course. We use breath and gentle freestyle dance, stomping, rocking, twisting, stretching, waiving arms and rolling shoulders. Meanwhile you will learn to Rise the Energy and activate each of the 7 Chakras


Belconnen - Northpoint Plaza:

not running currently


This Medium/High Energy Class can be adjusted to your needs - please self pace in tune with your own body.     Investment $donation per Class



Investment for Children and Teen classes $20 for each individual Class or $200 for the term of up to 15 classes for one person. 


   Saturday workshop investment is $50 per class.


(sorry no further discounts apply)


SMS “meditation” to 0407 275 271 if you wish to receive reminders to help you get to the class and achieve your personal goals.


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