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Happy, Healthy, Wealthy with great Family Life?


The type of people who most benefit from consulting a  Biofield Therapist are often very sensitive; who don’t like taking medication; who have been in prolonged forms of treatment without much result; who are frustrated with chronic or recurring problems; and especially those who are suffering emotionally and are unable to understand the basis of their unhappiness, anxiety or confusion.


All these goals are joined like a chain of links and depend on each other holding it... each broken link can create an imbalance and impact other areas of life.  


It's nearly impossible to be happy while your family life is falling apart, you get stressed, you get sick, then your performance at work takes toll, study is just too much to handle, kids and elderly are annoying, guilt is eating you alive... Sounds familiar?


Stress, weight, health problems?



Health is something we think about probably only when we have a problem with it.


In ancient China families used to pay the doctor to keep them well, our skilled Energy Healer can do just that, help you stay in good health.

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Family trouble?



Happy family and fulfilling relationships require a good life balance. Love for others is much easier to give when it comes from a place of abundance.


Family planning? When our energy/body/mind is out of balance it can be difficult to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Do you remember how to be happy?p



Is a state of balance, fulfilled basic needs and higher needs while maintaining good health and meaningful relationships.


It can be difficult to enjoy our life, when each day brings new challenges and changes. When we are in a state of balance we easily accept what comes our way. 

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Is your carrier on track?



Our higher needs can only be fulfilled when our basic needs are taken care off - health, safety and security are just some of those.


Power is something we have not something we are given - it is very difficult to manage a business or people when you lack inner balance.

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