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Chroma Therapy or Colour Therapy


Colour therapy, is facilitated in our healing room as a complimentary service.


Colour therapy is often underestimated but it carries many benefits...




When our system is full of Colour we are balanced, cheerfull and happy, our metabolism, immune system and all organs are functioning efficiently,

creating the feeling of lightness.



Duplicate the refreshing feeling of a walk through the rainforest or on the beach by saturating your body with the missing colour from your life.


Using the seven colours of the spectrum, Colour Therapy aims to stimulate our body’s own healing process whilst balancing and enhancing our body’s energy centres, known as Chakras.


Each of the seven colours coexists with one of the main seven Chakras. When one of these Chakras is experiencing difficulty, applying the appropriate colour to the body can therefore re-balance the energy.


Colour                             Related Chakra


Violet                              Crown

Indigo                              Brow

Blue                                Throat

Green                              Heart

Yellow                            Solar Plexus

Orange                            Sacral

Red                                 Base

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